WatIf Health Portal – A virtual constant reminder for healthy living!

WatIf Health Portal is a ground-breaking application that gives users access to ownership of personal electronic health records, that are presented in the form of a portable interactive mobile electronic health application. It provides a patient centered approach to the management of Non-Communicable Diseases like: Diabetes/Hypertension/Obesity/High Cholesterol/Chronic Kidney Disease and Metabolic Syndrome.

With the spiraling number of individuals who are becoming more vulnerable to these diseases, at a time when healthcare cost is rising beyond many people’s reach, more and more people are constantly looking for cost effective and easily accessible healthcare services. WatIf Health provides answers to such health needs through innovative Information Communication Technology solutions that are geared towards early detection and prevention of such diseases. Provides services that are delivered cost effectively in the comfort of the user’s home.WatIF Health Portal delivers an array of services that are based on international approved clinical guideline and disease treatment protocols.

How different is the WatIf Health Portal from a traditional health app

There are tons of mobile app out in the market.The majority of them are not developed by doctors, they provide relatively straight forward basic health solutions with very limited functionalities. Some of them are more of games than what one can refer to as health apps.

WatIf health is one of the few complex applications that provide patients and doctors with leading edge disease management solutions that gathers clinical data from patients, process it through an interactive and intuitive medical knowledge base that forms part of its artificial intelligence to provide users with meaningful-use and outcome-based clinical information that can be shared between doctors and patients.

WatIf Health app is more of an integrated health portal than a traditional health app. It is capable of providing users with such valuable health information as the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes or coronary artery disease, including risk of cardiovascular complications.

WatIf Health Portal is complex enough to suggests alternative disease management approaches that are based on recognized treatment protocols and guidelines.

WatIf Health Portal helps you understand your disease process and the various health risks that are associated with it.

It consists of a Diabetic coach /Insulinometer. A significant tool that helps the user understand the intricacies of changing the dose of insulin in relation to the levels of blood glucose. A helpful tool that reduces the possibility of patient errors and the frequency to visit a doctor, it serves as an assistant to the user’s physician in the comfort of your home.

With WatIf health, patients are in a position to store all their health information on one electronic device including medical images, prescriptions and laboratory results.

Patient health information is presented in an easy to understand layman’s language , with user friendly graphical representation of disease progress trends.

Patients have access to various other useful functionalities such as the ability to book a doctor’s appointments on line. Request a virtual consultation and share selected clinical records with a doctor of their choice.

WatIf Health Portal provides users with significant off line functionality that gives them access to medical records in the absence of cell phone or internet connectivity.