What is pre-diabetes ?

What is pre-diabetes ?

Prediabetes and its prevention

Among the lifestyle diseases prevalent in society, diabetes is spreading at an alarming rate. This has prompted WHO to declare the theme of world health day 2016 as ‘Beat Diabetes. ’This entity is cutting across ages and gradually appearing in younger age groups more than ever before. The increasing incidence and rise of juvenile diabetes underlines the need to recognise the risk factors before they appear. Prevention of a health problem at this stage is called primordial prevention and watif health app is just the right application to stem the rise of diabetes mellitus.

Prediabetes is the stage when there is a state of high blood sugar which is not high enough to be labelled as diabetes. A fasting blood sugar level between 100 to 125 mg/dl is considered prediabetic. What is the significance of this stage? This is a crucial stage because an oblivious prediabetic may become a diabetic within ten years. Moreover it has been found that certain complications associated with diabetes like heart problem and nerve damage begin during the stage of prediabetes.

The most relevant question which arises is what are the risk factors associated with prediabetes? All the factors which are important for type 2 diabetes are relevant for prediabetes. Weight remains the single most important risk factor for this problem. The more fatty tissue one has especially around the waist, the more the cells become resistant to insulin. A waist circumference greater than 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women is highly risky for the development of prediabetes. For an app which continuously monitors your health, watifhealth app proves to be invaluable. It has a baseline record of all physical parameters and immediately warns the user when any parameter starts increasing. It categorises an individual into a normal or prediabetic and assesses the risk factors associated with development of diabetes based on those physical parameters and lab results.

Age above 45 years increases the risk of prediabetes especially if there is a family history in a first degree relative.With increasing age the physical activity decreases and there is a tendency to add weight. This combination of age, physical inactivity and excess weight are ideal for the development of prediabetes.  Certain races like Hispanics, American – Indians, Asian Americans are more prone to develop prediabetes which may gradually convert to the diabetic state.

Some women have high blood sugar during pregnancy. This entity called gestational diabetes is a potential risk for the development of prediabetes. Even women who give birth to babies with more than 4.1 kg birth weight are at a greater risk of becoming prediabetic. Besides these, a woman who has polycystic ovarian syndrome is at great risk of developing prediabetes. This syndrome is characterised by the triad of irregular menstrual period, excessive hair growth and obesity. Any female suffering from these three symptoms should seek prompt medical advice.

It has been found through research that disturbed sleep increases insulin resistance. This leads to high blood sugar, prediabetes and subsequently type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure, low levels of HDL and high levels of triglycerides are other risk factors for the prediabetic stage. Watifhealth app plays a vital role by keeping a record of the blood pressure and total serum cholesterol to assess the risk percentage of developing prediabetes. Since diabetes is a lifestyle disease, primordial prevention and active intervention at the stage of prediabetes can revert the process and help the individual to lead a healthy life.