Watifhealth…..a must for today’s age

Watifhealth…..a must for today’s age

In the fast paced life we lead, health becomes the first casualty. Many a times we forget that our body needs care and we need to give due attention to its requirements. Diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseses, cardiovascular problems comprise a group of noncommunicable diseases which have become household terms. These are essentially lifestyle problems which were intially thought to be restricted to the rich class. WHO conducted a survey on NCD and it became clear that it is even more prevalent among the poor. Meaning thereby that no class is immune to these health problems and we need to be aware of it.Watifhealth has designed a health app which is a boon for us to understand the NCD and take appropriate steps to curtail it.

A logical query may be how watifhealth app is different from the numerous other apps coming up daily. There is a world of difference. The most fundamental difference being that this app has been designed by doctors. It is an interactive health portal which records the personal and family history of the user in an electronic form in the phone and based on the details provided by the person analyses his risk of developing NCD. If a person is already afflicted by a NCD, the watifhealth app monitors the progress of the health problem and acts as a sentinel by keeping tab on the health parameters and blood reports fed in the app. It explains the intricacies of the disease in the user’s own language without making use of medical jargon.

By storing information electronically Watifhealth app obviates the need of carrying large volumes of prescriptions and lab reports. It also keeps a tab on the calorie intake and warns the user in case his calorie count overshoots for the day. For diabetics, it maintains a record of the blood sugar level and titrates the dose of insulin to keep the level within a normal range thus acting as an insulinometer. This app is unique also because it keeps track of the daily dose of medicines and reminds the user at the appropriate time so that no dose is missed.

Everyone afflicted with NCD may not be having access to proper medical facility. Watifhealth fixes appointments with medical specialists who guide the person regarding their medicine and other health issues. There is a team of doctors who are constantly engaged in research to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the medical field. Other apps do not have this facility. They give fixed answers to problems as per the information which has been fed in them. Watifhealth app is way ahead of other apps as it gives answers based on solid medical knowledge by doctors who analyse the case and provide apt solutions.

For a person living in remote areas, meeting a doctor may not be feasible. In such cases watifhealth app arranges virtual meeting of the doctor and patient so that no one is bereft of proper medical care owing to distance and inaccessibility. It thus ensures greater peace of mind which is also an important component to combat lifestyle diseases.

In the age we are living, watifhealth app which helps us to take care of our health is a boon and an absolute must to lead a healthy, happy and productive life.