Top 10 Foods Highest in Sodium

Top 10 Foods Highest in Sodium

Sodium is an essential nutrient required by the body for maintaining proper blood pressure and for providing channels of nerve signaling. Deficiency of sodium is rare, but can occur in people after excessive vomiting or diarrhea, in athletes who consume excessive amounts of water, or in people who regularly fast on juice and water. Over-consumption of sodium is far more common and can lead to high blood pressure which in turn leads to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The current percent daily value (%DV) for sodium is 2400mg, however, the American Heart Association recommends that people with high blood pressure eat less that 1500mg per day, or less than 3/4 of a table spoon of salt. Since sodium is required by all life to exist, it is naturally found in all foods and rarely does salt ever need to be added. Steps you can take to ensure low sodium consumption include avoiding canned foods, avoiding pickled foods, choosing low sodium cheeses, and substituting herbs and spices in place of salt. Below is a list of high sodium foods, for more, see the extended lists of high sodium foods by nutrient density, list of high sodium foods to boost sodium levels, and the list of high sodium foods to avoid.

#1: Table Salt, Baking Soda & Baking Powder (Table Salt)

Sodium 100g Per tablespoon (18g) Per teaspoon (6g)
38758mg (1615% DV) 6976mg (291% DV) 2325mg (97% DV)

Baking Soda & Baking Powder Are Also High in Sodium (%DV per teaspoon): Baking Soda (57%) and Baking Powder (22%).

#2: Sauces & Salad Dressings (Soy Sauce)

Sodium 100g Per tablespoon (18g) Per teaspoon (6g)
6820mg (284% DV) 1228mg (51% DV) 409mg (17% DV)

Other Sauces and Dressings High in Sodium (%DV per tablespoon): Fish Sauce (59%), Teriyaki (29%), Oyster Sauce (21%), Hot Pepper Sauce & Reduced-Salt Soy Sauce (18%), Steak Sauce (12%), Reduced-Fat Salad Dressing (11%), Barbeque Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce & Hamburger Relish (7%).

#3: Cured Meat & Fish (Bacon, Cooked)

Sodium 100g Per ounce (28g) Per slice (8g)
2193mg (91% DV) 614mg (25% DV) 175mg (7% DV)

Other Cured Meat & Fish High in Sodium (%DV per ounce): Salt Cod (82%), Salted Mackerel (52%), Canned Anchovy (43%), Dried Beef (32%), Turkey Bacon & Salami (27%), Beef Jerky (24%), Smoked Salmon (23%), Italian Salami (22%), Smoked White Fish (12%), and Smoked Herring (11%).

#4: Cheese (Roquefort)

Sodium 100g Per package (85g) Per ounce (28g)
1809mg (75% DV) 1538mg (64% DV) 507mg (21% DV)

Other Cheeses High in Sodium (%DV per ounce): Queso Seco (21%), Romano (17%), Parmesan (16%), Blue Cheese (13%), Feta (11%), Camembert & Gouda (10%).

#5: Pickles (Cucumber)

Sodium 100g Per cup (155g) Per pickle (65g)
1208mg (50% DV) 1872mg (78% DV) 785mg (33% DV)

Other Pickles High in Sodium (%DV per cup): Olives (117%), Pickled Eggplant (95%), Jalapeno Peppers (72%), and Sauerkraut (39%).

#6: Instant Soups (Beef Noodle)

Sodium 100g Per ounce (28g) Per packet (9g)
8408mg (350% DV) 2354mg (98% DV) 757mg (32% DV)

Other Instant Soups High in Sodium (%DV per packet): Onion (131%), Chicken Noodle (112%), Tomato & Vegetable (109%), 1 Bullion (Stock) Cube (50% DV), and Cream of Vegetable Soup (37%).

#7: Roasted and Salted Nuts & Seeds (Pumpkin Seeds)

Sodium 100g Per cup (64g) Per ounce (28g)
2541mg (106% DV) 1626mg (68% DV) 711mg (30% DV)

Other Roasted and Salted Nuts and Seeds High in Sodium (%DV per ounce): Almonds (8%), Cashew Nuts and Sunflower Seeds (7%), and Pistachio Nuts (5%).


#8: Snacks (Pretzels)

Sodium 100g Per 10 twists (60g) Per ounce (28g)
1715mg (71% DV) 1029mg (43% DV) 480mg (20% DV)

Other Snacks High in Sodium (%DV per ounce): Sesame Sticks (17%), Reduced-Fat Tortilla Chips (12%), Salted Popcorn, Soy Chips and Pita Chips (10%), and Salted Peanuts (9%).

#9: Fast Foods (Egg & Ham Biscuit)

Sodium 100g Per biscuit (182g) Per 3oz (85g)
1093mg (46% DV) 1989mg (83% DV) 929mg (39% DV)

Other Fast Foods High in Sodium (%DV per piece, serving or slice): Beef & Cheese Enchilada (55%), Beef, Chili & Cheese Burrito (44%), Applebees French Fries (42%), Wendy’s Jr. Hamburger with Cheese (35%), Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza (29%), and Hush Puppies (10%).

#10: Canned Vegetables (Sweet Peppers)

Sodium 100g Per cup (140g) Per 1/2 cup (70g)
1369mg (57% DV) 1917mg (80% DV) 956mg (40% DV)

Other Canned Vegetables High in Sodium (%DV per cup): Jalapeno Peppers (72%), Tomato Sauce (54%), Snap Beans (36%), Zucchini (35%), Spinach (29%), Asparagus and Mushrooms (28%), Peas, Onions & Sweetcorn (22%), Sun Dried Tomatoes (12%).

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