Programmatic Need of Managing Diabetes in Employed People

Are you working and suffering from diabetes? Then you could be like millions of other working individuals who are either neglecting their disease or having difficulty in managing this lifestyle disorder. If not managed properly diabetes could cripple your lifestyle and become a heavy burden on your pocket. Moreover, the hoard of associated diseases can literally bring you down and play a damper in your life. So, managing diabetes should be a top priority with you.

It has been noted that while diabetes is a world problem, the working people are the greatest sufferers as they have difficulty in managing the disease and integrating diabetes management with professional and private issues. Money is also a problem as managing diabetes could be a costly affair. Yet, by effectively managing this lifestyle disorder you can have your life back and enjoy all the perks associated with it.

In America, the employment and health cost of diabetes is immense. A 2007 study showed that diabetes costs more than $174 billion dollars to the country. While most of the money is spent in medical related expenses, there is also considerable labor loss due to lower level of productivity, reduced work capacity, augmented work absenteeism, joblessness due to disease related  disability and even premature death.
Diabetes is not a threat as long as it is effectively managed. Some people find diabetes as a wakeup call that alerts them to the bad choices present in their lives. Hence, diabetes forces them to prioritize health requirements and make some positive changes in their lives. These people adopt a positive attitude and view management of diabetes as a personal obligation. Thus, they develop proactive thinking to combat with this disorder.

As a working individual you must plan for all your meals in advance. The meals should include in-between healthy snacks because fasting also triggers the production of blood sugar. You should try to eliminate carbohydrate and sweet from your diet and stick to fiber rich healthy foods which are smaller in quantities. You should be regular with your blood sugar tests and pressure tests as diabetes often gives way to other forms of complications. You should also focus on managing blood sugar fluctuation.


Some people also experience emotional stress due to diabetes. Negative emotional effects like irritability, anger, stress, depression, denial and fear come associated with diabetes. Hence, counseling is also recommended for persons diagnosed with blood sugar disorder. In fact, emotional stress and diabetes are linked to one another. So, while emotional stress increases the likelihood of developing diabetes, getting diabetes also induces emotional stress which again has an adverse effect on the person’s blood sugar level. So, a counselor’s visit is recommended when newly diagnosed with blood sugar to keep the blood sugar level under control. Few people also experience psychological barriers towards their diabetes disorder and they refuse to acknowledge their disease or the symptoms of the disease. This could put a barrier to their disease management. For this you could find help in diabetes support groups. Here you could learn secrets from other diabetic sufferers to augment motivation and will power to manage their disorder. The diabetes complications, comorbidities and side effects of medications, could cause a setback in diabetes management. Here you can benefit by joining special exercise classes that would keep your disability or problem in mind.