WatIf Health

Excellent to manage Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol & Calculate Cardiac Age. Early identification of risk for developing Abnormal Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cardio vascular complications, Kidney Failure, Scientific reports, Graphs, EHR etc.

WatIfHealth Portal is a new & innovative way of delivering health care to the man in the street. Innovative disease management solution designed for ordinary people. It requires input of basic clinical data from patients, It then processes it through an interactive medical knowledge system that is a part of WatIf artificial intelligence.

The processed data then provides meaningful & outcome-based clinical information that can be shared between doctors & patients. Diseases such as High Blood Glucose, High BP, Obesity & BMI are responsible for 64% of the global premature deaths & disabilities. WatIfHealth helps prevents & controls them. This smart app also suggests alternative disease management approaches, accurately forecasting of the use’s risk of developing noncommunicable diseases or complications from such disease through early detection.



Our Vision is a new world-health-order free from the burden of NCD.

Our Mission is to provide innovative solutions to overcome global epidemics and healthcare problems such as NCD, HIV/AIDS, TB, maternal and child healthcare,through the use of ICT.

We are in the business of primary healthcare re-engineering. We provide the industry with software applications designed to up skill primary health workforce.

You-Access Health is a new age organization with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, India and South Africa. Spearheaded by a team of health professionals who are very passionate about primary healthcare re-engineering.

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