Its time to start taking care of health care

Its time to start taking care of health care

In the current world. Everyone is falling prey to some or the other disease which can be prevented. Most problems occur due to life style. There are only things which a person can include in his/her lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

1. Proper Diet:

When i say proper diet it varies from person to person and what his target is. Each individual has to know his ideal weight which should not be a composition of Excess fat. Avoid JUNK FOOD is what everyone says, ever wondered why ?? Its because of excessive old, Spices, sugar ETC which will increase your body’s fat composition and turn you obese. Which later will turn into a life threatening disease. Know what goes with your body and have a controlled consumption.

2. Exercise:

With proper diet your body needs exercise. Why ? There are a whole list of benefits of exercise over body. Which i will share in the next blog. But here are 3 important points which i would like to mention.

  • Controls Weight
    Exercising can help with weight gain or loss depending on your individual needs; the more intense the activity, the more calories you will burn.
  • Prevents Certain Health Conditions
    Regular physical activity can help prevent or manage many health conditions including high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Improves Mood and Energy Level
    Physical activity stimulates your brain to help you relax, while your heart and lungs work harder during a workout to give you more energy and endurance!