How Nourishing Is Your Dietary Pattern?

How Nourishing Is Your Dietary Pattern?

There has been a lot of criticism on sedentary living for being the cause for Obesity, which also leads to other chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension and Stroke. Physical activity is undoubtedly essential for one’s health, hence getting active is the key to one’s overall long-term health.

Hypertension prevails in one third of American adults, most of the cases are affected by intake of sodium. More than two-thirds of American adults and nearly one-third of children and youth are suffering from Obesity.

The food choices made by Americans are very bad as they eat too little Vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium and Fibre and consume too much fat and salt. These eating habits are affecting the health of people. Human Body does require Salt/Sodium intake in order to help effective functioning of nerves and muscles. It also plays an important role in regulation of water content in our body. However, consuming too much salt can increase the risk of Hypertension as well as Cardiovascular Diseases, and is also linked to Obesity.

Diet plays an essential role in people’s life, unfortunately most people’s diet is low in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and too high in calories, saturated fat, sodium, refined grains and added sugars. In the present times people are bound to get inclined towards an unhealthy diet, consciously or unconsciously.

There is a higher risk of becoming targets of chronic diseases and becoming obese due to poor dietary patterns and physical inactivity, which increases the risk of one’s susceptibility towards Cardiovascular diseases, Hypertension, Type-2 Diabetes and diet-related cancers. The health problems are taking a devastating toll in the past few decades and this is in turn affecting health-care costs. The authorities need to shift the focus of attention from treatment diseases to prevention of diseases.

People often misread the messages that have been spread in the society, in the past few years. It is easier to get the word across by telling people what should be eaten more instead of what should be eaten less. For example, many Americans eat less fat but end up eating more processed carbohydrates. However, in order to drive people more towards evidence based guidelines it is important for people to make healthy food choices. People are advised to get fresh fruits and vegetables and even if one wants to opt for packaged food they should spend time reading the label and make smart choices with nutrition value in the product.

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