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Health Portal for Non-Communicable Diseases


  • Measures the hypertension status and risk by using your systolic - diastolic blood pressure
  • Indicates the hypertension grades and identifies its associated risks
  • Counsels controlled and uncontrolled hypertensive behaviour
  • Suggests you to consult a doctor in the presence of uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Evaluates the risk of developing hypertension

Hyper Cholesterol

  • Helps you to understand the tenets of high cholesterol and its associated risks
  • Indicates your rick of coronary artery disease, Provides control mechanisms and helps you consult a doctor if necessary
  • Monitors your desired therapeutic cholesterol levels.
  • Maintains your detailed health records and helps you compare your current status with previous highest obesity class

Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Calculates CKD (Cronic Kidney Disease) stage of developing progressive kidney disease.
  • Suggests the kidney functionality based on the CKD stage
  • Evaluates individual estimated risk of developing kidney diseases

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Watif Health provides you with personalised, accurate and effective treatment plans congruent with International Clinical Guidelines and treatment protocols.