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United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3

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Developed by passionate, primary healthcare enthusiasts that thrive on advocating for radical primary healthcare re-engineering through multi-platform ICT. Designed to preserve what took centuries to perfect.


About a new world health order, where healthcare delivery is synonymous with sustainable development. A world free from HIV/AIDS and TB, where Noncommunicable Diseases are a thing of the past. We care about the health of children under five years as a special and vulnerable group, who’s health we strive to guarantee and secure with very little variability of care


For global sustainable development by bringing a new and disruptive perspective to healthcare delivery in resource poor Communities


Care better than we have ever seen before, health better than we’ve ever known, at a cost every person can afford, every time and everywhere.

Our Products

1. Integrated SDG # 3 Health Screening Application for WBOT

An integrated all encompassing health screening platform for early case finding , early detection and identification of health problems. Designed for HIV/AIDS,TB,sexually transmitter diseases, female and male health. Household registration, maternal and child health care.

2. Integrated HIV/AIDS, TB, STI and NCD platform

The WatIF Health Portal offers an integrated, interactive chronic disease management knowledge system for the management of Noncommunicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, TB, Sexually transmitted diseases, Maternal and Child health. Designed to support the UN sustainable development Goal#3. Delivered as a single database, multi-platform, cell-phone-enabled plug-and-play portal for ease of deployment, adoption and scalability. It comes with computer generated clinical decision supporting tools

3. The Ideal Clinic Application

Interactive Patient Electronic Health Record system designed as a health workforce multiplier. It increases efficiency through task shifting and improved primary healthcare work-flow by incorporating community healthcare workers (CHW) into mainstream clinical work,with minimal clinical training required. CHW are tasked to carry out standardized, repetitive clinical work previously carried out by nurses.

Nurses are up-skilled to perform work previously reserved for doctors. Doctors are positioned to support more than one clinic in real-time through virtual consultation from a remote location. Users are able to share entire patient electronic health records in real-time.
Designed to share clinical and epidimiological data with all HL7 compatible District Health Information Systems (DHIS).

4. Personal Patient Portable Electronic Health Record

Ahead of its time. An app that gives patients ownership of their medical records, with the liberating power to decide who and when to share it with. Each patient registered on the WatIF Health platform is provided with an app that gives them real-time access to their essential health records and the functionality to conduct virtual consultations with providers .

5. A dedicated Health Portal for Children under 5

A free web based and cell phone enable, multi-platform health portal dedicated to children under five as a special vulnerable group. An interactive health screening and clinical assessment tool designed for comprehensive child health care. Created as a health work force multiplier for use by lay persons to conduct simplified clinical assessment of children ill-health at community level and in a home environment. A plug and play application that is easy to adopt, requires no prior computer literacy, highly scalable with little or no need for technical support. Comes with simplified computer assisted clinical decision support tools for lay people

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
- anonymous

Our Team

Our team includes Specialists from various domains

  • Endocrinologists
  • Diabetic Specialists
  • Cardiologists
  • Nephrologists
  • Paediatricians
  • Public health specialists
  • Information Technology specialists
  • App Developers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Support Engineers

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